About us

About us

Strange Quark Press was started by a pack of stray cats in Oakland as a home for science-related writing, both fiction and nonfiction.We like sharing stories related to science, stories from real scientists, and all sorts of speculative fiction too.

The complete guide to being really, really confused about everything.

The cats have Berkeley credentials and connections with the underground lit scene, though they’d rather not tell you how. Their human research assistants have backgrounds in physics and computer science and spent way too much time looking at numbers and equations in confusing books. We’re looking at you, Roger Penrose. With luck, more folk will finish reading these anthologies than Road to Reality.





Chief Editor

UC Berkeley student, poet, and catnip afficianado



Oakland transplant and writer of short stories

Ryan Walraven

Assistant Editor

Recovering postdoc, fiction writer, and cat dad