Hecate Greets Me at the End of the World

& When the Eldritch Gods Came You Surrendered to The Sea

by B.A. O’Connell

Hecate Greets Me at the End of the World

The moon held me in her white gleaming arms,

beneath the velvet skies,

beyond the mountains and the edge of fallow fields,

where I danced with someone I loved or thought I did anyhow,


and she meets me, craters and all in the failing light of day,

my hunger grows

for a place beyond the stars and the stares of the people

of the town—watching me grab for her in the mornings

as she leaves—


I feel her judgment in the breaking waves

though no beach is near to me

and water has long ago left my side; 


all the dams of all the nation

will break apart for her useless bit of affection,

and I will drown in it,

drown in the watered-down bits 

of touch and longing in a purple sea.

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When the Eldritch Gods Came You Surrendered to the Sea

Before there was love, there was silence—

an empty hallway in the space where you would come to be,


and I was an empty gleam

in His broken universe—I swirled around

between stars and galaxies and still nothing held 

a gem of value,


I was simply chasing all the beauty promised to me—


Now I sit with sand grit between my fingers

as I seek gold

along the empty beaches

without you.


On this beach,

you are the roar of the ocean—

you are the salt on my skin,

and I am leaving the shore behind

to dive deeper into you,

dragging myself through the crushing depths of you;


you are the weight of the world

and the constant pushing of you against me

lets me know I am breathing

even as I am suffocating. 

B.A. O’Connell

B.A. O’Connell was born and raised in Lockney, Texas, alongside a family they can’t tell you about, or they’d have to kill you. Find their chapbook, Sewn, Together, Anew and novella, As I Want to Remember It on Amazon. Find out more about their creative projects on their twitter @OnceIateataco and tumblr—hellishrebukesystem.tumblr.com